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A narrowboats journey through repair, cruising, and other joys of the english waterways.

New door nobs
5 Apr 2015 at 6:30pm
Anyone who has been on my boat will know that getting into the cupboards and drawers requires some patience.  I don't see it myself - but finally I have got around to installing my new door handles...

World Down Syndrome Day
18 Mar 2015 at 2:15pm
I have a nephew with Down's Syndrome. This piece of writing says it all.  Read it.  world-down-syndrome-day

When I retire I will steal hats
9 Feb 2015 at 12:27pm
I have been pottering about in radio silence for over a month now.  I am rather enjoying my current mooring spot which has no internet and somewhat sparse phone signal.  In the tree nearby there si...

Waterpump Fixed
1 Jan 2015 at 11:11am
I have a friend who is a whizz with a grinder so I popped over with my 'issues'.  The pulley was ground down with the grinder along with the bit between the nuts and the pump casting.  It was all d...

The water pump - update
23 Dec 2014 at 8:43pm
I took the water pump off and had a good look at it.  After a bit of a fiasco (access, nuts, metric and imperial issues between the pumps) I then noticed that the pulley was worn....a closer look s...

Oops - water pump again!
21 Dec 2014 at 9:04pm
The water pump is throwing stuff around the place again. I thought this one would last longer, but it must be about 6 years since I turned up at a boat yard with it in my hand. It had broken so I t...

Happy Birthday Maffi!
3 Dec 2014 at 12:00am

I hope you are having the most splendiferously wonderfully fabulous birthday!


The other place in a different boat
12 Nov 2014 at 9:57am

In a moment of inspiration we found ourselves in Cambridge and discovered a member of our party had never been. There is only one way to see Cambridge and that is by punt.

Time constraints were ti...

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A quick word from our last customer...

"Great job Chris and Laura! It was a pleasure to do business with you. The boat looks fantastic, in fact better than when we bought new in 1995. You would never believe it was 18 years old! We will promote OBPC when the opportunity arises. Rock on dude - with your acoustic! :)"

Here at Oxon Boat Painting we are dedicated to producing some of the finest craftmanship on the Canal Network. This means we have produced some of the best painted boats around!

A fully rounded preliminary service is available to our customers including:
• Free no obligation estimates
• Free consultations
• Planning and Scheduling

Our Narrowboat Painting services include:
• Bare metal repaints
• Traditional Coach Painting by brush
• Traditional Canal Decoration
• Signwriting
• Blacking (Bitumen)
• Blacking (2 pack Epoxy Pitch).

Above Left: Narrowboat Hannah
Above Right: Mark Phelps (OBPCo. Contractor)
Below Left: Narrowboat Royden
Below Right: Chris Weston (OBPCo. Owner)

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Latest news, videos and pictures from Oxon.

Oxon in Waterways W
Dynamic Photographer and Journalist Tony Jones gets down to the nity grity and asks 'what is the real cost of owning a Narrowboat?'.

In his November article he asks Oxon what kind of money traditional Boat Painters are charging for their services. A thoroughly informative and pleasant read, Tony's article can be found here.


Oxon featured on Channel 5
In March 2009 we were contacted by Twofour Broadcast in regard to re-painting the superb cruising Hotel and Restaurant boat the African Queen for the Channel Five programme 'The Hotel Inspector'.

We gave the boat a complete repaint using Blakes paints.
The programme about the African Queen airs on August 10th 2009.

The African Queen website

Historic Motor 'Snipe'
We are very proud to announce that we have just completed a re-paint for the famous historic Narrowboat the Snipe. Snipe is one of the eight Cowburn and Cowpar motors built by Yarwoods around 1934/35....